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If you encounter a problem in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game you can open a new topic in this section to ask other members for help but please respect the rules and the posting template so that your topic is not recycled!

  • Try to describe the problem encountered as thoroughly as possible, any detail being helpful;
  • Use printscreens if you can;
  • If you are not given an answer in the time you expect do not double-post, use the "Bump" function;
  • From the moment you ask our members for help in solving a problem you encounter please have the good sense to check your topic periodically to make sure you provide all the information necessary to solve the problem;
  • If you solve the problem before someone answers please post the solution to the problem in the topic so that it can be read by other users who encounter that problem;
  • Do not post two or more different problems in the same topic.

Posting template to follow:

Encountered problem:
Problem description:
Optional details:


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